I’m not well :(

I’m going to be resting more over the next few days. I can’t shake this migraine and feel like I have a cold. I have two random marks come up on each side of my head. I don’t know what they are but I have a hot head at the moment. I was going the gym tomorrow. There is absolutely no way I can do it like this… also it’s not a good idea to go near others if they can catch this thing. It seemed like a straight forward migraine initially. I’m used to them. I normally get over them quite quickly. I don’t think it is a migraine this time, it seems like part of a cold bug. I will do as little as possible over the weekend. I’m hoping by Monday I will start to feel less yuck. I keep feeling sick too. I do get that with a migraine normally sometimes. I’m sorry that I’ve had to rest a lot recently. I ended up exhausted the other day and now I think I’ve caught a cold thing (hopefully it isn’t covid, managed to avoid it for 3 years so far). I’m run down by not being able to sleep properly so I could probably easily catch stuff. I am still trying to do things that I told others I will do, it may take me longer than normal though. I should’ve not bragged about how fit I was a few days ago. The inflammation in my finger and knee has kicked off again.

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