Really hoping that I can sleep tonight.

I’m extremely tired so I should sleep tonight… logically. I have to sleep tonight because I have to be somewhere by lunchtime tomorrow. I’m too tired to think in a sentence so hopefully my mind is so numb it won’t keep me awake. I have everything organised for the morning so I can just get dressed, tidy up and go out. Future me always is glad past me does that. It’s less of a battle getting out of bed. I hardly sleep at the moment. I just can’t. I am lucky to sleep two hours a night sometimes. I only get 4 hours if I sleep during the day too. Life isn’t going to change in regard to other people but if I get used to it all in time then eventually I will be not bugged enough to be kept awake. I’m not as bugged as I was … however, it hasn’t completely gone yet. I don’t let go of how hurt I am by the actions of other people easily. I don’t even want to be around people in general right now because I have totally walked up against them as a whole.

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