Hair sorted! The weather sucks though.

I went for a walk after collecting my headphones from my mums (stupid me forgot them yesterday). I got my hair sorted but I don’t want it to get wet now. I have put my hood up but if the rain gets harder it will most likely go through my coat. I posted a new photo of my hair and it is also a teaser about my weight loss reveal that will be coming soon. It will be a good few months because I want to lose a bit more. I was meant to be back home by how but had to go back to retrieve a parcel that the person delivering it had left where it might get nicked it they left it too long. I had to go back out again to do the food shop that I was going to do on the way home. I can’t wait to get home because I just stood in a puddle and now have a wet foot. I was watching the chase (quiz show, which probably explains why I don’t sleep after waking up my brain late at night) on the challenge channel last night. The amount of questions relating to that country where the other person comes from was beyond the universe trying to send signs. I don’t care if we are being brought together by some thing we can’t see… they don’t want the connection in any kind of way. I’m very doubtful that they’re seeing signs about me. I’m open to all that stuff but I know for a fact that they can’t be. I just don’t think they have developed that side of them yet. I’m really fed up of all these signs though… well references to certain things. If things weren’t meant to be I wish the universe or whatever would just quit it.

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