No one really cares what they do to each other.

I just woke up… still feeling very tired because I barely slept (only slept during the day, not at night at all). It’s getting late and I have stuff to do so I have to get up. Others seem to be void of all emotions when it comes to realising and / or caring what they do to others. I’m getting ill because of the actions of others not letting me sleep. I am stubborn at the same time so I try to push the affects away. I’m just so fed up with others not taking responsibility for how their actions make others feel. I always do … I always apologise if someone tells me I’ve said something that has upset them. It seems that others don’t respect me enough to do the same. I’m absolutely fed up with it. Even if someone else hates me, can’t stand me, absolutely scared of me or whatever… an apology isn’t expecting too much. I really don’t know how anyone ever finds me intimidating or scary … I’m only 5 ft 2, quiet in person and actually have a fear of people. I know that I’m opinionated and very direct. That doesn’t make me scary, it does however sometimes make me look a bitch. I don’t particularly care about that… no one is nice all the time. I’m not as unpredictable as the autism label etc may make people assume. I’m actually pretty chilled most of the time.

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