Late night thoughts… a few things, no particular subject.

I’m still awake at 3 am because I fell back to sleep the entire day… there goes my reset sleep pattern again. I lost a bit more weight, I’m now 137 lbs / 62.2 kg / 9 stone 7. I went for a 21,000 steps walk this evening. I feel much better after sleeping a lot today. I got very tired after yesterday. The whole getting up after only 3 ish hours sleep in the morning was quite difficult. I slept last night but still woke up tired. I found more bruises on my legs… so clumsy that I don’t know how I did them. I presume that I’ve walked into the gym equipment by accident. I don’t feel anything when I’m already aching from using the machines. I’ve never really looked where I’m going (unless I’m driving – otherwise you crash into stuff) so that’s most likely where the bruised legs happened. I will probably be going the gym at some point tomorrow. I got an offer to appear on a podcast talking about my experiences. I told them I would be happy to do it. I’m waiting for confirmation but hopefully it will happen. That is also another reason why I should come off of the 117 section clause. It would be easier for me to go out there talking about my experiences. There would be no legal ties to me and I would feel more comfortable to be open. I’m a psychic intuitive, none straight woman. I really don’t feel safe connected to the system by that clause and don’t have the freedom to be myself. The system sees you as mad if you’re naturally intuitive. Section 28 while I was at school prevented the authorities from becoming more open minded about homosexuality. Regardless about what they portray, they’re still in the dark ages in that department. It makes me feel unsafe in the system.

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