I didn’t sleep again.

I was awake the entire night. I feel sick and achy which is probably due to sleep pattern being so messed up. Please don’t take this the wrong way but I’m not ready to go out there again yet. I dipped my foot into the outside world for a while. I’m still too burnt out to go out there properly. I also take time to get over disappointment when others hurt me. That only happened recently so right now I just don’t like people. That’s nothing personal to others … that is just how I feel right now. I don’t particularly feel like being around other people. I am not isolated if I like being alone or chose to be alone. I don’t see myself as missing out because I need time away from everyone else. I need to be alone to get over certain things. I was hurt. I am over it, carrying on my life as if everything is normal and it doesn’t hurt me anymore. However, under the surface I still feel very let down, abandoned and not appreciated by someone else.

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