I am aware! Let’s normalise certain things…

I have to go out with half wet hair because if I didn’t then things just wouldn’t get done due to the fact that I literally get up and go out after doing a whip round tidy / clean of my surroundings. It needed a moisture treatment because it’s in an awful condition right now. It hasn’t made much different. I’m having it trimmed tomorrow so hopefully the tiny ends that keep coming off of it won’t be there to break off. I don’t understand why it’s snappy. I haven’t put colour on it for a long time (13 the roots growing down show). I’m off to the gym after a little walk. I have no bag with me because I left all my stuff at mums and walked up. I have deep enough pockets and a massive pocket front part in my jumper so I have fitted everything I need in there. I just forgot to buy hair tie so I have to go back in the shop again because I forgot to take one of mine as I went out the house. I have far too much hair to not tie out the way for the gym.

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