I’m so glad that is over!

I’m back from the meeting. I’m not home yet but I have stopped for a cup of tea. I am very tired. I think I only managed about two hours sleep broken into two. I do need more sleep because my hair is literally breaking at the ends. I’m very tired so the caffeine will keep me awake until I get home. I want to go for a walk but it looks like it is going to rain again. The weather is really annoying at the moment. Anyway, the meeting didn’t really go anywhere. They were saying that they wanted me to stay on it and giving me the reasons. I was firmly sticking that I wanted to come off the 117 section clause. I heard their reasons but to me it is the principal of being equal to everyone else. I haven’t had services in the last 6 years so I’m firmly against staying on it. They’re giving me a week to reconsider and then confirming the decision of whether they chose to try to override me. This isn’t really a thing that gets done. I knew that but as everyone knows I’m the change pusher, trail blazer or whatever you wish to call it.

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