Late night thoughts: I’m actually happy.

I know that I don’t seem happy … most of the time I’m quite dry humoured and sarcastic on here when talking about things that upset me. I’m actually happy because I’ve accepted my life for what it is … rather than things I don’t have. We don’t know what is meant to be for us. This could have been how my life was meant to be. Some people don’t have children on their life path etc. I definitely don’t particularly wish to get married. I would find it hard to live with someone else after years of having the whole of my flat to myself (well, most of it where the cats aren’t hanging out, they aren’t the same as humans though). I like that my life is peaceful. Relationships and close friendships just complicate life. I do feel alone sometimes but I’m never lonely now. I have learnt to be alone. I enjoy being alone most of the time. You have to accept the life that you have rather than the ones that you don’t have to be truly contented. It could be better but I’m not going to stress over it. That is how I end up staying awake all night. Yes, I am still hurt by the actions of other people but I’m probably never even going to get an apology from them. I can’t stay awake every single night waiting for one.


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