Gym time!

I have monthly pains (it’s finally getting on with it after stalling for days). I just keep getting hotter and more well known every time someone rejects me. That is karma and also my inner ego that people don’t see due to me being quiet a lot. I can’t go for a walk in this weather anyway because this rain is just not going away. The weather says it isn’t raining right now but it’s ripping it down to the point where I’m waiting to get out the car to leg it over into the gym. I literally have nothing really appropriate for meetings because I threw a lot of my clothes out and kind of live in trainers nowadays. The song I am listening to on the radio really speaks to my ego side… she’s the baddest of them all… the dance tune that was literally everywhere last summer. I said I don’t want to be bad anymore. I’ve grown up and far too tired to be that way now. If anyone plays me though in any way I will let my ego out to savage them. We can always access the old us if needed.


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