Ffs, I was tired but I still couldn’t sleep.

I am still awake at half 5 in the morning. I was very tired this evening to the point where I was actually going to bed early. I was still tired but I just couldn’t sleep. This sleep pattern is so frustrating… it isn’t even an actual pattern, instead it’s a few hours here and there mostly during the day. I have been like this long term before so I can work around it but that existence isn’t pleasant leaving you constantly tired and grumpy. I’m unsettled because of waiting for PIP review form to be processed, the meeting that is important to my future coming up and situational stuff with other people. The whole of those things probably will take weeks to get through. The last one may never get sorted out. I don’t hold out much hope where people are concerned. I have learnt that people just don’t care what they do to others. The fact that I’m hurt over another person’s actions is totally irrelevant to them. That is my problem as far as others are concerned. I am forever telling others that how they feel about things is entirely their problem. The reality of life is that no one really gives a shit if they hurt someone else even accidentally. I’m so fed up of being tired and my day / night being mixed up. I sometimes feel like I’m too tired to function. I can’t make solid plans regularly like this… I would never get anywhere on time.

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