I’m either brave or stupid to put this out in public.

I have been looking through documents in preparation for the meeting I have coming up about the 117 aftercare section. I don’t know if I’m doing the right thing at this point but it may prevent assumptions circulated by gossip. This is my past in brief… the main details to my history. The other part is to prove that I posed no danger to my child but they removed him anyway. We weren’t allowed to enter this report into the court because I took all the bundle documents down to London with me as well as notes from my personal record. The evidence couldn’t be entered because I didn’t ask permission of the other parties involved in the case. I was a stupid youngster who has paid for their mistakes several times over. I’m asking for a chance to have a normal life. I know I was a nightmare growing up but now these things have been over a decade ago. I’ve mentally settled down with age. I have blips but the key point is that I am in control now. I know when things are getting out of hand and even if I do slip up I no longer fall completely down that rabbit hole. I can deal with rejection now. It does hurt and affects my confidence etc but I would never be purposefully vindictive to get revenge in any way nowadays. We are all allowed to express our opinions when we are hurt. There is a line which I didn’t used to give a shit about crossing. I do now because I just want peace. I used to find it entertaining to stir stuff up and lie to cause trouble. There are personal reasons for that. I am extremely guarded about my personal life now because my past means I don’t really trust anyone. I was let down a lot by many people time and time again. That is why by the time I finished education as a teenager I just naturally fought with everyone and wanted to cause trouble due to being unhappy myself. The documents are below in picture form so you’ll have to put your settings different if your device doesn’t load photos.


One response to “I’m either brave or stupid to put this out in public.”

  1. As my grandmother used to say “We all have our shit”, and we do. Please don’t feel ashamed for how your life brought you to this point. Every human being on this planet deserves a good and fair chance at this thing called life. No matter how that manifests for each of us. You are doing the very best you can, and considering what you’ve been through, I’m thinking you’ve done a pretty darn good job. Life is tough, but so are you.


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