Normal service resumed.

I made it back to the gym today. I went for a walk beforehand to prepare myself. I managed to lift heavier on some things today. I think I must have developed my muscles otherwise I couldn’t have physically picked those weights up. I probably needed the rest. I did some upper body weights at home with my dumbbells on Saturday. I want to keep my smaller waist. I finally have come on my monthly, I felt it coming but it refused to actually show up on time. It’s only slightly late so that’s fine now. I hate it. I just wanted to not be bloated any longer, that happens when it starts. I had a little pot belly and it was hurting on and off. I don’t think my body is used to rest so nothing got moving until I did today. I even got some cleaning done before I went out despite not getting up until gone 4pm. Look I’ve been emotionally going through the wringer emotionally. That makes me tired as someone who is naturally intuitive. I don’t know why I should have to put up with certain others behaviours due to being autistic. It’s like people have an unconscious fear of us. I only ever speak the truth and remain authentic. For that, I’m hated in many different ways. I’m nothing like my past and no one will see that. They just see my negative parts and make judgments. I have never hurt anyone … well, never physically, the truth may have been hurtful but it was said with the best of intentions, but by how I am treated I may as well have beat someone up or something. It’s like being treated like some kind of disease.

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