I still feel a bit off.

I started to feel better. I have more energy but my hair is dry / brittle. I straightened it and cut some of the fronts ends to get rid of bits that had crinkled / split. The bits at the very front that snapped off aren’t too bad now. I’m just going to have to keep chipping bits off and putting weekly masks on until it fully recovers. I have eaten more but my monthly is still a no show. I still feel like I have a cold. I put oil on my hair after straightening it but it still feels dry. It was looking great when I first started straightening it once a week but it isn’t looking decent anymore, snapping and looking shorter in places. I have very dry skin too. I need to get back to the gym tomorrow before I miss an entire week. It’s difficult to get back into it after too much of a break. I would have liked to go for a walk but the weather is rain at the moment. I still feel like I’ve been lazy even though I was burnt out and literally couldn’t do physical exercise for a few days.


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