Late night thoughts… may actually sleep tonight.

I’m actually tired for the first time in weeks during the night. I rested today. Well, the majority of the day. I got up later to clean trainers and my coat. I had something to eat and took medication. I also washed and put protein treatment on my hair. It’s gone dry again so I’ve put leave in conditioner in my hair. I used the hairdryer to seal that in. Then I sprayed heat protection spray on it ready to straighten in the morning. Hopefully my low bun I’m sleeping in will tame it a bit before the morning. It resembled a thick wavy lions mane before I put it up. I didn’t get dressed into outdoor clothes today. I got up, had a bath and put some new pjs on. I went around with my duster pole getting rid of the excess dust in small places around my flat. It makes my allergies kick off if I don’t try to keep it down. It’s like literally always having a cold and sometimes even my throat feels full up too. I always get a very runny nose when I disturb the dust while cleaning, even when I’m just vacuuming. I need to go because it’s already 3 am and my sleep pattern needs rearranging.


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