I’m not even ashamed for napping most of the day!

I was very tired and needed the sleep so not even ashamed to have been in bed during the day. I still feel quite tired but not to the point of feeling like I had a huge weight on top of me. I had a bad dream which woke me up a few times but apart from that I went straight back to sleep because I’m they used to those kinds of dreams. That is what happens when you’ve had a few days of higher sugar levels in food and drink combined with being naturally intuitive. I definitely wasn’t going out for a walk when I saw the weather today. I’m not even crazy enough to walk in this rain. I don’t want to get another cold. I haven’t been for a walk for days. That is unusual for me. I needed a rest but I can’t rest for too long otherwise the weight is going to start going back on me. I do keep busy even when I’m not walking and if I keep the calories down I should be ok.


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