I couldn’t sleep again :(

I was very tired when I went to bed. I still didn’t sleep though. I have confused my body clock so much. I’m still exhausted and my monthly just hasn’t come on yet. It’s due on but seems to be refusing to happen. I don’t particular like them but I won’t get rid of my period pains until it comes on and gets it over with. Seriously, it goes from one extreme to the other nowadays. It used to always be on the heavy side to the point that I was given medication to control it. Now it is reluctant to even happen. I’ve lost a lot of body fat suddenly. That can sometimes stall monthlies or even stop them completely. I sometimes only eat up to 800 calories in a day. Yesterday was one of those days because I wasn’t up for most of the day. I only had an evening meal and a packet of orange chocolate eggs with a few cups of tea. I’m going to attempt to sleep for a few hours now.


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