What people don’t get when it comes to my life.

I haven’t slept a lot. I still feel that tired my eyes are literally sore. There’s things that others just don’t get about my life. I literally have nothing in regard to connection with others. I don’t really have any proper friends. I have no one special in my life. As I said that the cats came and laid next to me. They won’t live forever though, they are already 10 this year. I don’t see my family due to reasons that aren’t all to do with me. There’s trends on TikTok asking you to list what you would have missed if you had committed suicide during depression. I would have missed absolutely nothing. I have had the same life for years. It’s never changed. It’s just a matter of merely existing alone most of the time. I’ve never been on holiday, I’ve never had a job. I have never progressed in life. I am tired of existing. It seems pointless and I’m just burnt out suffering at this time.

2 responses to “What people don’t get when it comes to my life.”

  1. This literally sounds like the life I had in 2022. No stability yet everything was the same shit every day. It was an absolute monotonous life, and I was looking for ways to just end it all. But trust me on this when I say that it does get better and brighter as we get through each day. There’s always a light at the end of the tunnel. And the tunnel might seem dark and never-ending. But it’s gotta end, and that’s when you’ll start seeing light. Lol sorry for this rambling. Love your writings, cause you seem to word my deep rooted feelings pretty well.
    Happy writing!


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