Late night thoughts… finally did it!

I’m getting extremely fed up with my nose constantly filling up but discovering that I had my previous figure back made me feel better. I haven’t measured myself for months. I’ve weighed myself every day as a routine type of thing just to see roughly how I was doing. I must have built muscle and less body fat because my measurements are similar to those I had at a lighter weight. 34 inches around the bust (last time I measured that was 39), 28 inches around the waist (that was 31 the last time I measured) and 37 inches around the hips (39 last time I measured). I’m so pleased. However, my monthly is late so maybe my body isn’t happy shrinking so quickly. I do eat enough. Sometimes it has a wobbly on me. I can feel it… it’s just not actually happening. I’m sure it will happen soon. I’m not stressed, well no more than my normal level so it isn’t that. That meeting I have coming up with social services to try to get off the 117 section aftercare clause has been a stress that I’ve had for months trying to get the meeting arranged. The dwp is assessing my PIP review which is always stressful. I’ve been told to send them the letter from my tribunal if they try to withdraw the money I get for being disabled. I’m hoping that this isn’t an option I will have to use but those assessors have no idea about the impact of the disabilities on those assessment forms. I made sure that the professionals at my tribunal were experts in forms of autism. I requested that with the application paperwork for the tribunal. I now have my physical diagnosis of that arthritis thing which I didn’t put on the review form because I hadn’t been to that appointment until after it had to be returned.

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