I wasn’t put in the right family to be autistic.

I’m already finding the current storyline of coronation street with that Justin stalking daisy. We are watching it and my mother starts saying accusatory things about my past. I have moved on from how I used to be mentally and I don’t want to be taken back there. The guy in coronation street is going to throw acid in her face at some point soon. I am definitely not that type of person. I do struggle with rejection but it doesn’t trigger me like it did when I was younger. I made mistakes due to being naive and inexperienced. I was never a bad person. I’m fed up of people holding my past over my head. If my mother had been more emotionally warm and available then maybe I would have never have grown up with those issues. There is always a reason why for everything. There can only be an end to unwanted behaviour if the person who has it can understand how it developed in the first place. I wasn’t put in the right kind of family and environment growing up to really feel supported being autistic. Then the system also let me down so I was failed from all sides.


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