Scary, random dreams.

I don’t know whether this is a dream predicting anything or not but when I finally got to sleep this was the dream I had. The details that I remember aren’t much. I’m quite sure that the dream was longer. These are the main details. I was looking up at the sky with other people, there was black dots in the distance which exploded into colours looking like fireworks. Suddenly we all got dragged inside a boat next to us. I looked out after whatever happened. I saw body’s floating in the canal water. and scattered on the path next to it.There was houses either side of the water. I looked at my phone signal and that had been wiped out. The floor which looked like it was made from wood started crumbling. I woke up at that point because I was scared.

I fell asleep again. The next dream wasn’t really scary but one of my reoccurring ones. There’s a building that has an alleyway that people cut across. Some of the short cut requires you to enter the building. I followed a woman with a pram into that alleyway. She disappeared. Then other people appeared while I was in the building. Last time I had the dream it was a school (one of my schools did have an access between two classrooms via some kind of stockroom). This time the building was like a gp surgery hospital thing. I don’t remember every detail of the dream but just the main points. Down the road from the exit of the long building is one of those complexes with McDonald’s etc on it.

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