Please don’t let it bother you.

I have seen a few creators on here this evening making videos about the hate or threats that they receive online. I know that the creators with thousands of followers or more get people doing this kind of stuff to them online. I’ve had my fair share of shitty behaviour (for instance, my son ended up on a pre birth child protection plan because of people maliciously reporting me – that kicked off all that happened resulting in me losing him to adoption). It definitely isn’t fair when people drag our children into trying to hurt us. However, we cannot let those people threatening, trolling or cyber bullying us win. We do that if we take any notice of what they say. Yes, you do have to worry about threats but keep in mind that many that utter threats won’t actually act on them. You need to find a line between protecting yourself and not rising to their words. I occasionally get it but I do not rise to it and if I do answer I don’t react emotional, I simply throw logical answers back. There aren’t many cases where you should answer though. I very rarely satisfy trolls with an answer. The lack of emotional response when I do means that they don’t get the desired reaction. If you go on camera crying about what someone has said about you then that shows weakness. They will take that weakness and push further because they know that what they’re doing is hitting a nerve. I don’t know what it is like to be a large creator. I only have a couple of thousand followers on Twitter, a couple of 100 on my Facebook blog page, a couple of thousand on instagram and nearly 5000 on TikTok. I have prepared my reactions for if I ever went viral and ended up with a lot more followers. It is part of stating your boundaries, presenting what you will not accept. The majority of these people who troll and say nasty things online have nothing better to do. They literally don’t have a life so they rip at other peoples. They just assume that everyone who posts online about aspects of their lives is fair gain. They do not have an automatic right to make a judgment posting horrendous mean comments to creators online. The two creators that has posted videos up earlier had the threats and mean stuff directed at their children. That is bang out of order too. As someone who had their child brought into this kind of crap a decade ago which led to lots of lies and losing him to adoption…don’t ever attack someone’s children. The malicious reporting that was being done attacked him. If I ever get hold of the ring leader for that behaviour I would not be responsible for my actions. He lost his natural family because of what they did. Targeting someone’s child is unforgivable and totally unacceptable.

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