Late night but active day.

I ended up doing 30,000 steps on my walk. I feel like I probably will be resting a lot tomorrow. I’m wiped out. I’m having to rest in between rather than walking every day. The cold weather makes it harder… nose runs and when it gets colder toward end of my walk I couldn’t feel my hands if I didn’t put them inside my coat sleeves. I think I may have a cold so I need to limit being out in cold weather by being inside some days until my nose stops filling up a lot. I definitely shouldn’t have probably gone out with half damp hair.

I have my toenails trying to grow inwards again. I’m going to just have to deal with that since the person who sorted that for me is no longer speaking to me. I did try to deal with them but the sides broke off down the edge so they were no longer straight and it started making its way back in. I try to encourage them to stay out every day by lifting up the nail with one of the ends from my manicure set designed to do that. Regardless of what I personally thought of this person they sorted that issue out. They’re really good at that stuff. They’ve learnt a lot of stuff related to feet in general and seems like a walking encyclopaedia relating to that topic. I’m surprised they aren’t on the spectrum because neurotypicals aren’t normally detailed and specific with knowledge. They never normally take it to a special interest level. I’m not particularly an expert in a specific subject but everything I do know I have to learn every single detail about otherwise my mind isn’t satisfied it knows enough.

I’m off now because I feel tired from that long walk in the cold earlier. I also feel like shit because of my cold constantly filling my head up. I will be up at some point tomorrow… probably not until late afternoon.


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