I woke up tired :/

I know for a fact that I had proper sleep but still woke up tired. I rested today after that long walk yesterday. I don’t even feel like I’ve had sleep. I put the heating on as soon as I woke up because the air was freezing in here. I’m not sure if my eye lashes have started growing back properly yet. I keep putting oil on them daily to encourage them but that debt is still there. They are s quite thin too. I hope that I haven’t got something nasty in my eye like an infection or something. I can’t tell in that eye because if something was affecting my vision I wouldn’t be able to see because it’s lazy anyway, I’ve never had clear vision in that eye. It’s always getting eye crusts in the corner edges but there’s no redness. I’m about to attempt to kick myself out of bed otherwise I may accidentally fall asleep with one of the cats if they go sleep on the bed. It’s so difficult to not want to sleep when they fall asleep… but it never works at night.


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