Weight loss going well :)

Some cheeky git on TikTok said I looked 48 yesterday… I have started to look older but not that old! The trolls on there can be extremely irritating. They are as irritating as the scabs in my ears at the moment. Light bulbs are also annoying. I had the kitchen lightbulb go on me yesterday. It wouldn’t turn on after I got home. Then today the bulb in my bedroom decided to not switch off. I swear that there is something wrong with the electric because the fan in my bathroom also keeps going really loud and then back to normal. It’s weird how two bulbs have blown in 24 hours.

Anyway, back to the main topic of this post. I have lost more weight. I am now 138 lbs / 9 stone 9 / 62.9 kg. The bmi calculator can no longer call me medically fat because it’s now calculating body mass index at 24.8 which has gone into the healthy weight category. I have put in the work and I’m seeing results now. I’m back in single figures in regard to stones now. I haven’t been that in at least two years.

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