I needed a rest day.

Firstly, I just want to address feedback. The blog can only be designed within the limitations of WordPress. I can’t have certain designs or access to a full range of colour schemes without paying for the premium services. I cannot afford those services because I don’t earn anything from running the blog. I know that the layout isn’t the best but it’s the only option available which improves things a little bit. I do try to use paragraphs but I struggle with that when I’m really involved in the topic that I’m talking about. I take the feedback on board because having it easy to read will increase the views, subscribers and bring extra traffic. However, the limitations I have with WordPress means I can’t do many of those suggestions. I have to pay for the domain name which is affordable but I am technically unemployed so any money I get I can’t waste otherwise I can’t pay bills, eat etc. The cost of living is high at the moment. I still like doing the stuff that I don’t get paid to do but I can’t put too much money into it. I also am still waiting to hear back from my PIP review which will most likely try to take away half my benefits that results in me having to go to tribunal, having to wait months being barely able to afford anything.

Now that I have addressed that above, I will start todays entry. I decided to rest today because the lack of sleep has left me feeling wiped out. I ache from the gym yesterday. I still don’t feel like I’ve slept despite knowing I had fallen asleep several times today. I got up to turn up the heating (it was freezing in here) and feed the cats, they fell asleep with me but when I woke up they gave me the hungry glare. I can’t leave dry food down for them anymore because mister has been told he is basically too fat at his last vet trip. Anyway, they’re happy again now. I have to clean up the litter tray soon because Mimi decided to poop over the edge of it again. I put litter and cat freshener over it to dry everything out so I can pick it all up later. She normally goes outside when it’s not cold. They haven’t wanted to go out since the snow came down. I opened the window for them to have a look yesterday evening. They poked their noses out to smell the air and then weren’t interested in going outside. I will get up soon because I need to do stuff but I’m comfortable at the moment.


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