I didn’t sleep again :(

I was very tired. I’m still very tired but I just haven’t been able to sleep. It’s half 5 in the morning. I don’t feel well. I had a bad stomach earlier but it settled down. I feel sick and shaky. I probably have a bug or something. I was just settling down earlier when I needed to get up to pee. Then that completely woke me up. I shouldn’t drink too near bed. I had a sea salt bath so I had to drink something after more than normal because it leaves you dehydrated not drinking afterwards. Here was me thinking I would have a great nights sleep and not just a few hours like normal. Nope, not going to happen. Insomnia has taken hold big time. I just can’t settle whatsoever. I just want a decent nights sleep or unbroken sleep at the very least. I wake up every few hours when I do sleep at the moment.

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