I don’t know how I stayed awake today.

I woke up at about half 11 today after only falling asleep at 6 am. I’m extremely tired. I somehow managed to stay awake without getting back in bed for a nap. I did a few bits around here and then went for a walk. I’m sorry but I only could do 17 and a half thousand ish steps because it’s just too cold out there. I washed my hair today so that looked a half wet mess (takes hours to fully dry) when I was walking. I got home, put my dinner on and now I’m in a warm sea salt bath. I was so cold when I came in from outside. I’m sorting my hair out tomorrow because tonight I’m far too tired. If I don’t sleep tonight I will wonder why because I am very tired at this point. However, it is a full moon, the last time we had one of those I was constantly woken up by dreams which is still broken sleep.

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