I’m now pissed off again.

I have been added to the local Hinckley social group fb chat. I am kind of a silent participant. I think I was added because I joined a local group at one point. I will NOT put up with obvious bullying. The silent treatment and cutting contact is also a type of bullying. It’s does have a name but I’m in the middle of doing other things and don’t have time to try to think of it. I’m still blocked. I have apologised etc so I’m thinking that me saying some very harsh words when I was angry at them for being cold and distant originally was just an excuse to behave this way toward me. I can still see the messages they send in the local group though. I don’t appreciate being bullied. Singled out, that is what it’s called. Enforced isolation or whatever. It’s still bullying and as we are no longer at school I refuse to put up with it as an adult. I may look like a child still but they have to realise that they are being a prize bitch here. I believe it is intentional to hurt me to feed their huge ego. I tried to be nice but this bullshit has to end now.

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