I got a few things done and now in the bath.

I was up at a very late hour (spent the entirety of the day in bed because I was exhausted). I need to reset my sleep pattern. I got a few bits of cleaning done earlier which is what I was doing when I wrote my previous entry. I’m annoyed and yes certain things are keeping me awake. I don’t want things to be the way they are. I do feel bullied. I gave my all to a situation only to have it thrown back in my face and not appreciated. Is it too hard for people to actually like me? I know that I challenge people on their bullshit but everyone has flaws. I have tried to be decent but others easily take the piss out of me trying to stay calm and not rise to stuff. I’m not interested in fighting. I don’t desire an argument but I am hurt. Mentally I have tried to block things out but there are only a certain number of hours a day you can keep so busy that there is no room to think. Then I can’t sleep because I start thinking about stuff and it hurts me all over again.

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