I’m awake… very tired :(

The fact that I’m awake is a huge thing today. I would rather sleep the entire day but then I couldn’t reset my sleep pattern. I’m off to have my eyebrows waxed soon. They just need a tidy because they start growing in the middle. I’m exhausted… like burn out has smacked me right in the face. It’s important to keep busy so things don’t get to me but there’s a point where it gets too much. I’m still upset and hurt over certain things to do with others and I wish that things would just be ok between us but I don’t have the power to make that choice for other people. I can only be decent to others when they decide to interact with me. I may have a sharp brutal honest streak to me which puts others off but that is due to my past. As far as I’m concerned I owe no one else anything because humans let me down while I was growing up. I don’t want to be mean but I always feel that I am prepared to give too much and then I get not even the bare minimum back. I get stuff flung in my direction that I don’t deserve which I find very hurtful. I’m so loving in nature but I still get treated so badly which isn’t fair. Anyway, I have to go now because I’m not actually up and dressed yet.

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