Here come the criticisms already.

As soon as I announce that I’m dating or about to go down that path or about to go down that road I am already getting criticism for my decisions. I am well aware of the cultural challenges which may happen. I’m white potentially getting together with an Asian. I know what is expected of me. I doubt that I will get much hassle from their family because he got disowned for basically not wanting to follow what his family wanted for him. All of them are in various professions quite high up. I’m sorry that I can’t come home with the perfect description of a suitor like my cousin on dad’s side. That isn’t a dig. We aren’t all the same. I was born different… that was never going to be me. I was born into a religious family but I walked away from it quite young. I know who I actually want but they are attached so the only thing we could ever be if they ever speak to me again is friends. Religion is against all that stuff. Would you rather I forcefully broke up a marriage given the opportunity and ended up with a woman which is a huge shameful sin? This way I get the family and stability that I want and now need and nothing has to change for anyone else. It’s early days yet. We literally haven’t even met up to see if we still like each other as people. He no longer has money because his family cut him off so I’m still living in poverty attached or unattached.

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