Working hard :)

I went to the gym earlier. I even left my car at my mothers (about half an hour walk from the gym) and walked back. I got my shopping before going back to collect my car so I was carrying a heavy bag back with me. I’ve only had nearly 300 calories. I’ve done 13,000 steps and a gym session on that number of calories but I ate more calories yesterday in preparation for gym session today. I have had messages from several guys I’ve met in my past since I mentioned finding someone to settle down with earlier. I’m afraid that if I haven’t approached you then you’re not in the running. We can be friends but I keep very busy nowadays or I’m sleeping… either way I cannot talk a lot. I had to think of who is potential marriage material. I have only come up with one guy I met at college so far. He doesn’t know he’s the only one at the moment but we are going to meet up to see if we still get on ok. I’ve changed since I was at college. I wasn’t even thinking about relationships when I was at college. I did fancy him but it wasn’t a priority so I never went there. We were all quite immature at that point. I had only just lost my son to adoption when we first met at college. I will see if he is down for a selfie with me when we meet up (that is a photo for all those older readers that don’t know the modern terms). I apologise to those that didn’t make it to the shortlist. I’m sure there is another woman out there for you but it isn’t me.

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