Practically planning the future from a logical perspective.

I didn’t have much sleep so I’m making this quick because I need a nap. I can’t do my entire day on only two hours sleep. I’m now at the age where I want to settle down and have more children (well, only one because that messed my body up for years the first time around). I’m not a fan of dating or meeting new people in general. I don’t particularly like people due to the trauma that they put me through when I was younger. I have met a lot of people previously so I’m going through them to see who is still on the market (single). The fact that I’m mid 30’s and most people similar to my age has already settled down makes that a challenge. I don’t want another baby on my own because that is what I did the first time around. It ended up breaking me because I didn’t feel supported. I’m running out of time so the whole dating thing will take up too much time comparing it to the time I don’t have.

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