I’m not given a platform or a voice.

I see that the campaigns for what I spoke about in the previous blog entry are starting to ramp up momentum. This is exactly what I have been fearing for the last two years. I’ve worked so hard too. However, due to the fact that I’m seen as carrying a less important message which the masses aren’t supporting because they lack the experience of being autistic and all that goes with it… I’m not able to get that mass platform needed to open up a proper debate with those of opposing views. I have to fight for every resource, every bit of publicity I can possibly get because of non e autistic people being unable to relate to what I’m trying to put across. I don’t want to live my life in fear anymore. I have no choice while certain campaigns are gaining momentum. The likelihood of accusations from assumptions go up when these campaigns are only educating people about half of what they need awareness on. There are two sides to things and when one side is silenced because of the way society perceives certain things that isn’t fair. I don’t have the huge platform despite running this blog since 2017 (it may have been longer). I’m not a person who really gives a crap about number of followers but it does turn into a wider reach from people sharing content who do follow my Facebook page, Twitter, instagram (all links are available on the left sidebar). I have only recently made the blog more professional recently and have been making extra content via TikTok (mostly of my cats) to increase likes for content on my page which helps make my pages more visible but I still have never managed to get my message to go viral like the other campaigns. That needs to happen for the issues to be addressed in a balanced way rather than the scale being tipped in that direction which leaves myself and others with the same autistic traits living in fear.

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