FIXATED, OBSESSIVE, UNWANTED, REPEATED – you’re literally describing autism behaviour.

While I fully support the current coronation street storyline about highlighting stalking, I still feel that it is going in a dangerous direction for people who don’t fit in. I have put the slogan from the charity that is campaigning on this subject for a reason. I’m going to explain why the wording can be linked to autistic behaviour. Fixated/obsessive is autistic behaviour… this is when our brain gets into a loop and all we can focus on is an aspect or our lives or in some cases (common in people with pda type autism and suspected BPD) a person. We are normally unwanted by the other people we like because they see us as not good enough etc. Repeated… repetition is literally an autistic trait. I have seen this becoming more dangerous for us years ago when they were on about certain changes on the news. I don’t trust others for a good reason. I can NEVER let down my guard when it comes to others because of these campaigns etc. I don’t feel safe in our current society environment. I don’t feel that I can protect myself from potential accusations and assumptions. I don’t want to have to live in fear but I’m being made to live in fear due to what is going on out there. It’s not fair on my mental health. It’s not right that I am petrified to communicate nowadays in case of accusations and assumptions because of autistic behaviour patterns which are naturally ingrained into my personality. The word witch hunt came into my head when I was watching the news a few years ago and this topic was gaining momentum. That is how my intuition saw it becoming for those of us that were different. I’m harmless but I’m someone else’s assumptions that isn’t how they’d describe me because they just don’t understand autism and that is the overlapping danger that we have. As an autistic woman, I have experienced being stalked by autistic men who wanted to be in a relationship with me but I just couldn’t feel the same. I had to change my phone number a few times but I literally got them to the point of burn out. I know the inside of being autistic. I just let them chase me until they got bored. Something or someone else will be of intense interest to them eventually and if they get burnt out you’re also free. I like to unhook unwanted admirers humanly but quite firmly. I’m very independent minded and even when I’m into someone that shows. I was quite bad at letting go of others who didn’t want me. I let go a lot easier now I’ve grown up but how I was treated by the law for my issues traumatised me. That isn’t how it should be. People shouldn’t have their behaviour issues beaten out of them by punishment, labelled so much it will be hard to ever have a normal life and left with high anxiety / constant fear due to the trauma of that experience. I know this is a controversial subject that people will probably disagree with me about. I’m aware that so many people have been killed by stalkers in the UK. I feel for them and their families but I see the other side from being caught up in things I didn’t deserve because people assumed I was something I wasn’t. I know that we need to be protected because there are some crazy nutters out there but I’m also having to live my life in fear because of the potential implications of these campaigns.

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