A word of advice…

I’m all for putting an effort into the gym sessions but I have ached for the last 3 days. I went the gym on Saturday and still ache all over now. I decided that I was really going to try harder on the weights. That wasn’t a wise idea. I had lots of energy on Saturday so I wanted to use it. The whole of my hips now feel aching and heavy. I haven’t eaten today because somehow I have gained weight. It makes no sense why because last week I did more than I have done for a while. Sometimes it is just hormones and where I am in my cycle. In case my body is making its own calories due to my hormones I’m not eating much today to stay in control and make sure I can push my weight back down and lose a bit more. I do feel faint and crap but in the long run when my weight has come off and I’m back to where I used to be it will be worth it. I can’t advocate doing this but it seems to be the only way I can get around the hormonal issues I have at the moment. You should try other ways before resorting to these crazy methods. I am aware that I have greasy looking hair today. I put oil on it because my hair type is really dry and it’s due to be washed. I have to keep the moisture in it and sometimes that means leaving it greasy in a ponytail before it gets washed. I’ve had to put a lot in there due to leaving out the treatment for protein and moisture mask last week.

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