So …yesterday didn’t end up a rest day.

I ended up going for a walk today. I did just over 26,000 steps. It wasn’t the highest this week but quite a distance. I ate just under 800 calories yesterday… 777 to be exact (repeated number thing getting creepy again, 2222 on the clock when I checked phone earlier). I ate just over 1000 calories the day before, 1,400 on Friday,1,450 on Thursday, 1,200 on Wednesday, just under 800 on Tuesday, 1,700 on Monday and just over 1000 last Sunday. Alternating calories is a lot easier than sticking to a fixed amount per day. I’m really wanting to get down at least one more stone. That is why I’m really pushing myself at the moment. I just want to get that final part done. Once that is done I will look like the former me. I’m able to fit in some of my old clothes already. It’s taken a long time. I have just cut alcohol since starting antidepressants. I just don’t feel that I need to drink anymore, along with the fact that having one makes me feel like I’ve had several drinks. It’s not worth how awful I end up feeling afterwards. I still have two little bottles of wkd in that I haven’t drank since I bought them a fortnight ago, that doesn’t normally happen.

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