It’s so cold this morning ! I have an update.

I slept ok apart from having to wake up to pee multiple times. Broken sleep makes you feel like absolute shit when you wake up. It was also really cold in here when I woke up. I put the heating on which is like going on a night out with the price of it (and it’s set to go up again soon). My mother isn’t going to be happy when I tell her I received an email saying they want to put her monthly direct debit up to £100. They’ve calculated her usage and decided that £70 isn’t enough. They’ve only been taking £3 due to the difference between the government grant and the direct debit amount. I’ve already messaged them on Twitter because I know that I will be told to sort it with them. The last time we tried to ring them it was hard to get through. I have done it online previously.

Anyway, we now get to updates. It isn’t much of an update but I am apparently set to receive a reply from my complaint about the 117 section aftercare meeting delay (or excuses to why they hadn’t arranged a discharge meeting yet). They said that the process of the complaint suggests that I will receive a response on 10th March. Obviously I don’t know what is going to happen but at least the process of that part is nearly complete. I’m hoping that this will finally lead to the discharge meeting actually occurring rather than more excuses and giving me the status constantly of it is being arranged. It takes two minutes to find a free date in all parties diaries and then let me know when and where to attend it.

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