I need to point something out if it needs to be said.

I will reinforce the fact that no one is to come to my flat unless invited first. don’t care who you are or what power you may have in general. If it’s important then my email is on the blog. I will get back to people if I agree that it is important and is legally in my best interests to do so. If that criteria isn’t met I’m afraid that it is in my legal right to not communicate. Unlike my past, I will not be cooperating and will deny everything even to the point of knowing other people if that is what I need to do in order to protect myself from any accusations. I’m no longer willing to be used as a target. I get severe anxiety due to my past. The smallest thing like people knocking my door sets off an anxiety attack. I’m never going to heal completely in some ways because it’s left scars and I’ve not met anyone that has helped me heal yet. I’m doing absolutely fine. I’m only a vulnerable adult by how society classes someone with my diagnosis. I refuse to have that status give anyone to have an excuse to interfere with my life in any way. Those in authority are especially not welcome because they have never supported me when it comes to my disability. I will not willingly open myself up to being punished. I’m prepared to take the authorities to court if they start on me again. I’m doing well on my own. I am now back on medication, much more mentally level and able to function. I haven’t had alcohol in a fortnight since starting that medication because I haven’t felt the need to drink. There are absolutely no welfare concerns here currently and the past dip is now sorted so no one’s business apart from my own.

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