I got home late.

I got home late after going the gym so I’m still awake because I didn’t get dinner until late. I have just settled down at half two in the morning. The cats had to come in anyway before I attempted to go to sleep. You know that you are paranoid about looking old when you prep your face before going to bed. I don’t normallyI bother (apart from the amla oil on my eyelashes/eyebrows to grow them back). I put Vaseline on my lips tonight and made sure my teeth were looking clean (I can’t fix enamel damage but I can disguise it). I put the oil under my eyes too so that it would hydrate underneath which would prevent baggy eyes. I’ve never been this type of person but I need to at least try to slow down the aging process even if I can’t put it on hold until I hit my 40s. I am very tired so hopefully I will get to sleep soon.

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