I’m so disappointed with the way I look now.

I have started to notice aging come on very quickly. The enamel on my teeth has worn away in parts (it’s very expensive to get them re-enamels by the dentist, it’s priced by tooth). That’s my smile ruined. I’m losing parts of my hair and some of the regrowth is still brittle. I keep getting knots in my hair which breaks ends… that stops it growing long. I’ve lost a lot of eyelashes. I used to have really thick eyelashes. It doesn’t matter how much oil I use to try to grow them back it just doesn’t work. I always feel like I have a swollen eye where the worse hair loss has occurred (the one with the visible v shape). I also ended up with a dent in my eyebrow which I managed to grow back (both on the same side of my face). I’m beginning to hate myself because I’m losing all the looks that I had which I didn’t even realise I had. I can only see that I used to be pretty now that I’m no longer pretty. I know that I look decent when you consider how much stress and trauma I’ve been through. That doesn’t really make me feel better. I used to get told that my smile was my best feature, along with my eyes. Now that my teeth are starting to lose enamel and my eyelashes have fallen out that has ruined all which made me look pretty.

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