I am a pleasant person just brutally honest.

I’m always described as pleasant because I’m friendly. The other half of me is honest though and people don’t get to know that until they’re familiar with me. Sometimes I’m brutally honest because I think someone else can handle it and they don’t want to speak to me again. It all comes from a good place. I would never say things to hurt someone. I would rather others provide me with honest feedback whether it hurts me or not. I get overly defensive due to my past and when I was off antidepressants I got very angry at people. I was probably a lot more brutal at that point. I didn’t realise that my head was in such a bad place until it got to the point where I couldn’t think straight anymore. I may have hurt people by what I said over the past year and I can only apologise for that and hope people speak to me again. I’m not the same person on antidepressants. I’m a lot nicer and less stressy.


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