Recovering today… maybe that walk was a little far.

I slept really well last night which was good. However, I woke up with a headache and ache all over. I enjoyed my walk. I had a lot on my mind so that is what I do to get away from everyone to think. I did it since I was really young. I just take off to think. I hate how nowadays you can’t just disappear off the face of the earth for a few hours without being able to be traced. If a mobile number is known for a person and it’s stuck into a device then the authorities can see exactly where you are. I’ve changed my number since the last time I was in trouble legally so I’m afraid unless you get my number off someone I know you cannot trace me when I don’t want to be existing to others. Anyone that hands those details to people in authority will never be spoken to again and I will just change my number again. I’m tough with my boundaries because of my past. If I don’t want to be found then that is exactly how it will be. I will turn up eventually. I will be back by the end of the day or at least post on social media. I’m only walking to the shop and around the local area today because I’m still recovering from yesterday and still have lots to do at home. I definitely know too many people. I just had someone wave at me who I cannot place whatsoever. That comes from having a half public life. I also used to randomly talk to anyone online when I was younger, until I learnt recently not to be so free with my energy. I can’t be everywhere with everyone as a person who is naturally intuitive. It is exhausting to be connected to multiple people. I end up with dreams like the other day which has really made me think about someone and hurt over how they treated me. I end up with energy chords that I literally have to chop forcefully. I’m a caring person but I would rather not have random stuff or passed over people from others lives appearing to me in dreams etc. I’m honoured that I was given this kind of gift but it’s not my place. It’s a role I don’t want to take. Even if I am some kind of medium as well as an intuitive that isn’t something I’m comfortable being. No one told me that if I hung around with my dad in a dream state after he passed away that I would accidentally open that ability. I didn’t really plan to do that but it just happened for a few years after he passed away. I have repeated stuff that spirits told me and ended up being called weird etc and asked how I knew certain stuff.

On a positive note to finish, I woke up with a headache but my hair was so good. I go to bed with a low bun so it’s always curved at the ends when I take it out. The PH balance must have been perfect today because I took it down and it had bouncy volume and was silky smooth… no dryness whatsoever (that is normally the issue I have with my hair). The bounce has gone now it has been down a while but if I had hair sprayed it I could have gone out like that looking like I had actually done my hair properly… literally woke up like that.

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