Late night thoughts – a few different things…

I’m very tired so writing in proper sentences feels challenging at the moment. Emotionally I’m just done right now. I need a break but I have stuff to do. I have the other half of my clothes to sort and take down the collection place. I need to get that process done as part of the whole clearing past energies thing. Once everything is cleared out then apparently I should feel lighter due to less clutter etc. I only had 800 calories today. It’s not too bad because the day before I had 100 ish calories over my calorie limit. You can’t eat really low amounts of calories every day because you end up getting very hungry. I need to get my hair and eyelashes to grow back so I can’t go too low in calorie intake. I’m going to go now before I actually fall asleep because I will drop my phone in my face if I drop off.

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