I’m not as technical as people may assume.

I don’t have as much technology in my daily life as people may assume for someone my age. I use my phone for everything but that is about all that I have. I don’t have one of those Amazon echos like a lot of people have nowadays. I use my phone for google maps which helps the fact that I can’t find anywhere due to my disability issues (it would be classed as assistive technology). I have only just got rid of my landline. That is a modern thing that people are doing. There is pitfalls to that though. Some numbers are really expensive to ring on a mobile… this I have found out since I swapped my provider and rearranged my services. There are certain numbers that giffgaff don’t include in the minutes I get for my top up per month. I need to put everything I have planned on google calendar because that is another part of my disability. The busier I get… the more I forget appointments etc. I could get an Amazon echo but the privacy issue, the haunted doll that I own which I do not want using the frequency of those devices to ‘communicate’. Also, hackers hacking into the devices to scare the crap out of people with laughing etc. I live on my own and that would scare me. I value the side of my life that I keep away from online platforms. While we are on the topic of online presence. The video that I put on TikTok profile photo is now out of date because I’ve lost over a stone since that video was done. When I have sorted out my flat and got my rid of the stuff I don’t want I will put a new one up. I think the last one was put up in November.

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