Late night thoughts … multiple topics.

I’m waiting for one of my cats to come back in … don’t know when he will come back. He sometimes stays out until half 5 in the morning which is going to result in him not getting inside because I won’t be awake by then. I have a few random topics for tonight’s late night thoughts. Firstly, I know that everyone is eager to know whether the girl that has stepped forward claiming to be Maddie McCann is actually her. It isn’t ok to steal photos of her twin brother and sister off social media to make videos comparing the way they look to this girls. That is never ok. They aren’t your photos to borrow especially if you’re using them for videos. They are technically not children anymore because they’ve turned 18 but you still don’t own those photos. There is a DNA test set to be done which is the only way we will know for sure. Then there is the speculations continuing around the Nicola bulley case. Please just stop it. They’ve now found a body which is presumed to be her. That is going to be hard enough for her family. They don’t need the constant theories as to what occurred etc. Two little girls are never going to see their mum again. The facts released about her private life could have resulted in what happened but none of us will ever know. Addiction and any kind of hormonal problem is a battle. I know from experience. Please be kind and don’t keep throwing theories out there.

I still don’t know the details of that dream that I had last night. I tried to tune back into it when I fell asleep today but it doesn’t seem to work. It was probably not intuitive but in fact created by my fears. I don’t even remotely remember any of the details only the people that were in it. I’m sure if it’s important then I will have another dream at some point. I am hoping that I don’t have to wake up to pee too much tonight. It is so annoying having to get up every few hours. I have to sleep soon because I have stuff to do tomorrow. I have been lazy enough over the weekend. Ok, I may have done a few walks but that isn’t really productive.

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