I went back down today.

Well, that none depressive period didn’t last that long. I didn’t even feel like I was on antidepressants today. I didn’t even want to get up. I barely slept so just feel miserable. I think the universe is trying to taunt me. I keep seeing references to Greek or Greece everywhere. I know they happens when you’re trying to forget someone even exists. The feelings involve don’t really bother me. I’ve experienced hurt in my life so much I’ve got to the point where I literally only let it affect me for a few days. The thing that hurts me nowadays is that I work so hard on things but no one ever seems to see me behind the autism and other mental health issues. I also know that the fact I look younger than I am probably doesn’t help because people look at me as a kid. I just get told to go away and treated like I have no value. That is what hurts me the most now that I’ve grown up. I never seem to ever meet anything to anyone who I like and that is what is the worse part of constant rejection over the years. Today has felt trying anyway. I accidentally tipped water all over myself and the kitchen when cleaning he cat litter trays and bowls. Luckily it was the water in the food bowl that tipped over so I didn’t flood the kitchen too badly. I had to change my slippers and socks because I got it all over my feet. Then my cat, mister, decides to go fight another cat in our flat garden. I filmed it for a few minutes and then had to go break them up because they wouldn’t leave each other alone. I managed to get some things done but not everything I had planned to do today. The DWP are also idiots. They sent me a text on 9th saying they had got my form back about PIP review and I got a letter also dated the same date saying they hadn’t got it and extending the deadline. I think someone sent the letter before they found it. I don’t want it lost because they can stop my money if they think I’ve ignored it or something. Oh, and also I have those ear scab things back which are getting really annoying.

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