I would just like to put this out there just in case.

I presume that I had a dream for a reason. I don’t remember the details but I’m going by the intuitive feelings that I am getting because they are the only thing I can go on right now. I am open about my past so that others won’t pull that kind of crap on me for my autism ever again. I don’t highlight it to give others ideas of how to ditch me with a definite full stop no going back thing. If someone else ever pulls that kind of shit on me again then they will show that they have absolutely no respect for me. I haven’t done anything wrong apart from occasionally being too honest so please don’t even go there. I won’t be accused of being someone I am not. If others do pull that shit on me again they are cruel because I make it quite clear that those experiences cut me like a knife and made me not trust people. I woke up half way through the dream so I don’t know what happened or remembered any details. I don’t know if my thoughts are intuitive or fear based but just in case I want to say this so that it’s out there.

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