Caught up with sleep :)

I did write two entries in between sleep sessions today but I have only officially got up an hour ago. I needed the extra sleep. It’s not helpful waking up to pee every few hours. It’s probably a medication side effect. Anyway, I’m up now and getting stuff done. I woke up having lost more weight today! I’m exactly 10 stone now! So that is exactly a loss of 5 stone. I’m ready to get up at an early hour for the rest of the new week now after sleeping more during the weekend. Let’s all manifest that the meeting to discharge me from that 117 clause gets at least a date this week. It’s worth a try, I have ran out of Earth bound resources at this stage. If I am naturally connected to whatever let’s test it. If anyone sends me anything bad I will ping it right back at you. I won’t piss about with this stuff now that I know how it works and it is actually real. There is something about me and now I’m sure about what it is. Others can feel it and sometimes it scares them. The unknown also scares me and I can’t disconnect myself so I have to suck it up and use it to the best of my abilities.

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